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Cyril Staley
’s working life, until he retired, involved solving engineering problems. As an engineering draughtsman his workplace ideas and designs always belonged to his various employers but the aspect of patenting has for many years been part of his private interests. If a designer/draughtsman invented something associated with his work during or even after leaving such employment, any patent rights would belong to the company, however, if an idea was not related to one’s employment, such intellectual property would belong to the individual and not his bosses.

In 1991, Cyril, together with a workmate, won a £2,000 first prize in the National Westminster Inventions Award Scheme, The rotational angle measuring device which was entirely Cyril’s idea and design was engineered into a working prototype by his friend and jointly they entered the competition. The prize money was pleasantly received, but having put this into the public domain through the competition, its design in the invention world’s legal terms, became “Prior Art.” Being then publicly known, the new measuring device could not then be patented. Entering the contest was a big mistake, but a lesson learned for the future.

Sometime later, having designed an integral automatic removal system for toilet smells, which was unrelated to any prior employment, Cyril placed this innovation with an invention promotion company, but all he got for their hefty charges was a glossy picture and a general product description together with a small monthly list  of company names and addresses, whom he was required to contact to request their signature to a Non Disclosure Agreement, (NDA). All these contacts however, in the absence of the product detail, proved unresponsive! It seemed a bit of a con job as the majority of the companies appeared to be retailers rather than manufacturers! In desperation, as the patent time-clock was ticking towards procedural deadlines, Cyril visited company representatives at the N.E.C. (National Exhibition Centre) where he gave out copies of his patent application (without asking for NDA’s to be signed). Another big mistake and another invention bit the dust! Learning lessons in this way is both hard and expensive.

In 2003 and again in 2005, Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula 1 supremo was shocked to find his up-market Mercedes cars balanced on stacks of bricks minus wheels. Following seeing these reports and photographs showing a rather forlorn Bernie standing next to his beautiful cars, Cyril’s next invention idea was born. After considering various methods he hit upon the fact that to remove a wheel, the inescapable lifting action created an oil pressure change in a vehicle's shock absorbers. He used this automatic pressure change to provide an electrical signal to activate the horn and hazard light systems to sound the alarm to scare thieves away as soon as they began raising a car to remove a wheel. Obviously such theft can only be carried out when a driver has parked. So Cyril’s invention could be ideal for modern cars which when left unattended overnight for example, would be safeguarded if left centrally locked. Relying solely upon his efforts he applied to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) who after taking 4¼ years to assess the matter, finally granted his application in May 2010.

The patent-granted shock absorber invention however was just for protecting cars from wheel theft. As preventing wheel theft was already provided for by other means, such as locking wheel nuts, Cyril then had that “
Eureka” moment as he realised it would have a far wider market if his innovation’s warning effects were improved upon such that it became a high-tech “Alerting Arrangement” for all vehicles. The novelty of the revised innovation being that this would offer the world’s vehicle owners far more timely and thorough protection, as it would immediately alert the owner of a thief’s interference with a vehicle at the very start of a theft attempt by means of telecommunications. The way in which this additional improvement is also novel is that it could remotely, instantly advise an owner of the theft attempt as it was happening. No such early warning system exists to warn a driver/owner or police that an attempt at robbery of the vehicle itself (or just its wheels/contents) is taking place and can also enable the apprehension of criminals in the act at this early stage. The system has protection in place to then either covertly alert, via telecommunications, to the driver/owner or police or sound the horn/hazard alarms together with possible optional audio and video recording capabilities to later use as evidence in a court action. This latter invention vastly improves upon existing methods of alerting of vehicle theft and is all possible due to the earlier granted patent that can simply sense the shock absorber’s oil pressure change. Unfortunately, unknown to Cyril the motor industry is considered notorious for its introspection in that it relies solely upon its internal staff for development of their vehicles and effectively that avenue is generally closed to the small inventor. Another hard lesson!

Having witnessed Cyril’s inventiveness over the years and his success in gaining a patent by his own efforts; his son,
Nick, having himself devised a pretty novel way of disguising his dustbin as an attractive planter, asked him for some advice on the ins and outs of patenting. Soon afterwards; Nick’s patent-pending Wheelie Bin Cover invention was underway and together they discreetly built a small prototype in Nick’s garage to display the concept. (Please see a short video on Later they built a full sized wheelie bin cover, (also shown on that website). This larger prototype is so attractive, that they expect once seen by a manufacturing company in the garden industry that a licensed marketing agreement involving a royalty based upon sales would soon be established. Due to previous experience, Cyril and Nick both made certain that no public disclosure occurred prior to getting the wheelie bin cover invention patent protection application applied using a team of IP professionals who prepared and filed the patent application.

In recent years the UK and many other nations throughout the world have suffered from storm damage and Cyril designed roll-up screens for deployment over windows and doors which being ready installed would enable instant deployment to assist in the protection of property against flood damage, but while developing these, and after making the appropriate patent application and marketing information, once the prototype was completed, the industry had itself designed other aperture protective methods that were then being offered on the market and Cyril dropped his interest as the rival flood doors being offered were a very attractive proposition. However, while considering flood protection Cyril realised that the backflow of raw human sewage through toilets into properties is the most disgusting and expensive type of damage to occur during flooding and has a huge after effect on renewal insurance premiums and policy excesses. In fact, an agreement between the government and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is due to end in the summer of next year, 2013. Unless renewed, (which seems unlikely), owners of properties in floodplains are in danger of flood insurance being denied entirely. Even if available, in respect to those which have been flooded and claims made, the costs are set to rise dramatically. As an ancillary form of protection, Cyril designed a simple DIY toilet stopper to prevent the filthy, unhygienic mess introduced within homes and businesses due to sewer backflow from contaminating ground floor and basement rooms which have toilets. So if an occupier knows that a flood is on its way, they or a neighbour can install the “Toilet Stopper” to seal up the toilet sewer outlet in just a few seconds. Again, prototypes have been built and are presently ready for presentation. Please see for details and videos showing the problem and DIY solution.

Both the Wheelie Bin Cover and Toilet Stopper inventions are currently available for either global or regional licensing as each has had international patent protection applied for through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system which at present involves 146 countries. Any parties interested in progressing either of these inventions should contact us at Wokingham, UK based company, Bin Garden Ltd.  

Please check back here ( ) for future inventions, as there are plenty innovations currently waiting in the wings, which will be added when appropriate to publicise.

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Wheelie Bin Cover Invention patent details :

  • Patent Publication Number GB2483302 - A storage housing for a waste receptacle was granted on 06 October 2015 with a filing date of 6th September 2010.
  • An international patent application WO 2012/032322 has been filed with a priority date of 19th August 2011.
  • European Patent Publication no. EP2614016 - A storage housing for a waste receptacle was granted in 2017
  • USA Patent Publication no. 20130162119- Storage housing for a waste receptacle. status pending...

Toilet Stopper Invention patent details:

  • Patent Publication Number GB2502470 - A Stopper was granted on 03 November 2015 with a priority date of 09 Feb 2011 in United Kingdom.
  • Application PCT/GB2012/050287 has been filed with a priority date of 9th February 2012.
  • European Patent Publication no. EP2873423 - A Stopper was granted on 7th April 2017

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